Tennessee Driving Record

Tennessee driving records are under the management of Tennessee’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security. A TN certified driving recordalso goes by the name ofMovingViolationReport (MVR) and contains a variety of data about the subject of the record.

1: Order Your Tennessee Driving Record Online

A Tennessee driving record (MVR) can be requested quickly and easily online through a trustedsource. Drivers records ordered online are delivered within minutes for immediate access and maximum convenience. These PDF files can be downloaded to the web browser, so you can conveniently print or save your MVR to your computer. Driving records ordered online will feature a wide variety of pertinent details, including: past violation convictions (including DUIs), driver license status, license restrictions and endorsements, driving demerit points and any administrative actions. Ordering online is the best option for drivers who need their records immediately. To obtain your Tennessee driving record today, click here.

2: By mail

Tennessee driving records can be requested by mail by filling out a physical application and sending it in with payment in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. The payment must be made out to the Tennessee Department of Safety and mailed to the address provided on the form. The request must include the driver’s name, date of birth and Tennessee driver’s license number. In any case, wait times for mail-in applications are lengthy, as you may have to wait two weeks for your driving record to be delivered. Therefore, the mail-in option is only suitable for those without time constraints.

Via a Tennessee Department of Safety Office

Tennessee drivers can request a copy of their driving records in person at a Driver Service Center as found on a map of stations. You must be prepared to pay the fee for the MVR and have the following information on hand: name, date of birth and state driver’s license number. To authorize someone else to pick up your MVR, you must submit a statement of consent, signed and witnessed by a notary, prior to that person coming in to obtain your driving record.

DMV driving history in TN is part of public record and therefore available to select interested parties. The certain eligible applicants who know how to check your driving record in Tennessee can use this data to influence potential work opportunities as well as compromise your financial obligations. All motorists should know how to obtain driving records to verify the accuracy of their report. Your personal driving record is evidence of your driving abilities, adherence to traffic laws and compliance with local governances such as mandatory court appearances. An erroneous MVR report in Tennessee can have negative and time-demanding consequences. Ordering a copy of driving records allows motorists to confirm the contents and initiate correction of any clerical errors. Motorists who need to know where to get driving records for potential employers, auto insurance companies or simply for peace of mind have a few methods by which to order driving records in TN. Continue reading to find out what is on the TN driving record request form and why having a copy of your driver’s license record is beneficial. Find out how to get a copy of your driving record in Tennessee by reading the comprehensive information below:

What is on my Tennessee driving record?

A driving abstract in Tennessee will include personal information about the subject of the record. Personal information on a TN DMV driving abstractis often the same data that is found on a motorist’s license such as full name, date of birth, sex, height, eye color and residential address. The driving record may also have personal information not located directly on your card, such as weight and commercial driving license (CDL) eligibility. Likewise, some copies of official driving records may omit your address for security purposes.

A DMV license check will also list information about the authorization itself including license number,class type, current driver license status, any endorsements or restrictions, date of issuance and expiration,as well as the new document discriminator code. Tennessee 3-year driving records present all documented accidents and violations along with subsequent points, permits, revocations and suspensions for the past three years. Your full driving record may note tickets and fines for any driving convictions incurred by the motorist.

When you check driving records, information like license status, class license type, restriction indicators, endorsements and offensives such as tickets may be in the form of codes. Interested motorists who order driving records online, in person or by mail can lookup code listings on the state’s Department of Safety interactive website. Checking driving record accuracy is important to ensure you do not incur unjustified points or penalties on your license. For instance, the difference between driving 45 mph or 46 mph over the speed limit is two points (six and eight, respectfully). This type of error could be the reason behind a license suspension rather than just a ticket.

Why do I need a copy of my Tennessee driving record?

One of the most important reasons to conduct a DMV record search is to be aware of accumulating driving points. A point on driving records indicates that the motorist disobeyed traffic laws and received a ticket or had an auto accident. A bad driving record in Tennessee could lead to suspension of your license, as the state utilizes a point system for drivers to promote driver improvement. The state will deny driving privileges to motorists who accumulate too many points in a set period. These motorists may need to take driving classes to remove points from record before the state reinstates their license.

Some motorists get copy of driving records to submit to auto insurance companies. Drivers with a clean record or those who are clearing driving records of previously acquired tickets can lower their auto insurance premiums. Since most infractions do not remain on your personal driving history forever, you can submit a certified copy of driving record from the state to use as evidence of safe driving practices for reductions on insurance rates.

Individuals interested in obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) must have a clean record, as the state does not issue CDLs to drivers with infractions and violations on their MVR. After passing the required tests, CDL applicants may need to furnish a driving record check for Tennessee as well as the remaining states and the District of Columbia. Likewise, employers of CDL holders may periodically check driving records of existing and potential employees to verify their continued ability to drive legally (valid and current license status) and latent risks (prior violations and collisions). Companies outside of the transportation industry also conduct driving record searches when they issue a company car to an employee.

How do I get my Tennessee driving record?

If you are wonderinghow to get your driving record in Tennessee, there are three different ways available, includingonline, in person and by mail. Obtaining your TN driving records online is the most convenient and the fastest method available. Applicants who want to order a TN drivers abstract online can do so through a trusted third-party provider, like DMV.com. Online orders simply require motorists to provide identifying information, such as:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • TN driver license number
  • Last four digits of Social Security Number

After submitting online driving record forms, applicants will be able to print driving records from home within minutes. Printable driving recordsordered through DMV.com will include information about previous traffic violations, demerit points, driver license restrictions, driver license endorsements, administrative penalties and current driver license status.

Motorists can also obtain driving records in person by visiting one of the many Driver Services Centers. In-person requests for driving history reports must take place during standard business hours.However, acceptance of requests may end a couple hours before the end of day,depending on the specific office. For example, Driver Services Centers may stop taking MVR requests by 3:00 p.m. to allow for processing time before the 5:00 p.m. closing time.

Note: Individuals may conduct a driving record search on your behalf if they provide a notarized statement of authorization signed by you.

Driving abstract petitioners who cannot order MVRs by other methods can mail requests directly to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. However, it is important to note that this option is the slowest and can take approximately two weeks to process and receive the order. Applicants can find the MVR request form online and can download it to submit it by mail.

What do points on my Tennessee driving record mean?

As a means to monitor personal driving history, many states, including Tennessee, utilize a driving point system. A complete MVR report in Tennessee will list moving traffic violations and the corresponding points assigned to the infraction. Having one or morepoints on driving records indicates that the motorist disobeyed a state driving law. Drivers who accumulate too many points in a given period may lose permission to drive in the state. The point system specifics vary for adult drivers and drivers younger than 18 years of age. The Department of Safety and Homeland Security sends adult motorists a notification when they incur 12 or more points within a 12-month period, whereas juvenile motorists will receive a notice after just six points.

Depending on the severity of the infraction, points for traffic violations can range between one and eight. For instance, the state assigns one point for speeding up to an excess of five miles per hour (mph) above the speed limit, while speeding 46 mph in excess of the speed limitwill earn you a whopping eight points. Violations contributing to an accident will have additional points added to the original point value. An accident involving property damage will incur a supplementary three points or four points for accidents resulting in bodily injury. Accidents resulting in another’s death receive eight points.

Most drivers with tickets wonder how to remove points from driving records in Tennessee. Motorists have a few options for removing points from driving records in Tennessee, including just not breaking additional driving laws. For every 12 consecutive months that go by without incurring a driving violation, one point will no longer count towards the motorist’s total assessment. Motorists can also improve a bad driving record by attending a state-recognized defensive driving course. Defensive driving courses are at least eight hours long. State-certified driving schools may also be an option to avoid adding tickets to an MVR.

What are the different types of driving records in Tennessee?

The state only provides a three-year driving record to motorists and other eligible parties. The TN 3-year MVR is considered the official copy of your driving record. Drivers who need a seven-year MVRor complete driving record for potential employers may need a court order. However, on the form are additional available documents that correspond with the driver’s history. These documents include:

  • Investigating Officer’s Accident Report
  • Financial Responsibility Affidavit
  • Compliance on accident
  • Driver license applications
  • Tickets, correspondence and other documents

A police accident report occurs when the Tennessee Highway Patrol or other law enforcement agency investigates a crash. Motorists can order a DMV police report in the event where inaccurate transference of data occurs. Car accidents reports can indicate who was at fault for the crash, if anyone. Auto insurance providers may want to see a copy of the official car accident statement before determining if an adjustment of the motorist’s premium is necessary. Similarly, applicants can request an official and notarized Financial Responsibility Affidavit to submit to insurance companies.

What is not included on Tennessee driving records?

Even though you now know how to get your driving record in Tennessee, you may still not have all the information you need. In some other states, MVR stands for motor vehicle record,so new residents of Tennessee mayunintentionally order the wrong documentation. Similarly, aVIN history or vehicle history report provides petitioners with detailed data about a particular automobile rather than information about the owner of the vehicle. The car history report will furnish information like make and model name, last odometer reading and number of axels. A motor vehicle report may also list the vehicle’s weight, all reported accidents pertaining to the vehicle and number of owners. The current registration status is especially important for legal operation of the automobile on public roads.

Although yourlicense history may show convictions, it does not list all criminal activities. Only background checks provide interested parties with a complete history of one’s unlawful offenses. Whilegetting driving records can suggest an arrest, the only a way to confirm a criminal history is to order a background check. Likewise, a driver’s license history will not have all the data originally documented on the police report. A lifetime driving record will not indicate whom, if anyone, is at fault for a collision. To gather this information, interested parties must request the police accident report.