Obtaining Your Tennessee Temporary Permit

Once you have completed your drivers education course, you will be ready to apply for your Tennessee learner's permit.

Want to improve your driving skills? Driving for the first time? Seeking a new license? Whatever reason you’re seeking drivers education, preparing for a course in Tennessee is a fairly simple process. Here’s what you need to do:

Self-Taught Tennessee Driver’s Education

Even though driver education is not mandatory, it is still recommended by the state that every driver should be as informed as possible. The first method of seeking drivers education is for an individual to have a self-taught Tennessee drivers ed class. Listed below are the Tennessee drivers ed requirements that an individual should meet:

Tennessee Drivers Education Online

There are a number of benefits in seeking drivers education through the use of online training. Here are some benefits of learning online:

  • The applicant can receive school credit from an online commercial Tennessee drivers ed class which will be accepted by all schools in Tennessee.
  • The applicant can study online at his or her own pace.
  • The applicant will be given a discount on auto insurance.
  • The applicant will learn the current traffic laws and techniques for safe driving online.
  • The applicant will have access to practice drivers tests.

Tennessee Drivers Education Commercial Or High School Courses

If online courses are not an option, an applicant can take one offered by a high school or commercial service. Most of these services for Tennessee drivers education have to meet the state's drivers education requirements.  Commercial and high school courses provide many privileges. For instance, applicants will earn a half Carnegie unit toward their school graduation.

Benefits Of Taking A Tennessee Drivers Education Course

Every driver who takes advantage of a state-approved drivers ed class will receive three major benefits:

  • Reduced suspension should an offense occur
  • Insurance discounts upon completing the course
  • Demerit points on the applicant’s driving record may also be reduced

Drivers seeking more information on Tennessee Driver’s Ed courses can find helpful resources and a list of requirements on the DOS website.